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Absolutely Healthy

The Food That Would Last Forever:
Understanding the Dangers of Food Irradiation by Gary Gibbs

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that
eating irradiated food is detrimental to ones health.
I have great difficulty trusting a government agency (FDA)
that acquiesces so readily to industry, in spite of overwhelming evidence.

The consumer is left in the dark, not knowing the extent of irradiation,
and abandoned by the FDA to read industry supported documents.

Another quote from the book: of Best Health Sites

"The people within the irradiation industry
are very tightlipped about their activities,
and the FDA does not require them to disclose
such information for the public record. Indeed,
many aspects of the FDA's food irradiation policy
make it virtually impossible for the consumer to find out
just how much of the food supply is being irradiated,
or to know where these irradiated foods are being used."

Technologies Curse: Diet for the Atomic Age by Sara Shannon, Ernest J. Sternglass (Compiler)

by Ernest J. Sternglass

Secret fallout: Low-level radiation from Hiroshima to Three Mile Island
(McGraw Hill paperbacks) by Ernest J Sternglass

An experimental study of electron back-scattering and secondary emission from solids
by Ernest J Sternglass
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by Ernest J. Sternglass

Secret fallout: Low-level radiation from Hiroshima to Three Mile Island
(McGraw Hill paperbacks) by Ernest J Sternglass

An experimental study of electron back-scattering and secondary emission from solids
by Ernest J Sternglass

Infant mortality changes following the Three Mile Island accident

Radioactive waste discharges from the Shippingport 
Nuclear Power Station and changes in cancer mortality Cancer mortality changes around nuclear facilities in Connecticut Birth weight and infant mortality changes in Massachusetts
following releases from Pilgram Nuclear Power Plant Significance of radiation monitoring results
for the shippingport nuclear reactor Strontium-90 levels in the milk and diet near Connecticut nuclear power plants by Ernest J Sternglass


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