The Year in Trees: Superb Woody Plants for Four-Season Gardens
by Kim E. Tripp, J. C. Raulston The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees
by David More, John White Shrubs and Trees of the Southwest Uplands
by Francis Hapgood Elmore Hillier Gardener's Guide to Trees and Shrubs, The Pirone's Tree Maintenance
by John Richard Hartman Alice Harding's Peonies
Tree Peonies Kinkaku Tree Peony Red Tree Peonies Shimadaijin Tree Peonies Koukamon Tree Peonies Taiyo Taiyo Oriental Peony Tree (royal red) Tree Peonies, Purple Shimanishiki Oriental Peony Tree (white-striped-red) Tree Peony Collection 2 plants

Golden Port International
Importers of Japanese and Chinese cultivars of peony trees.

Heze East Flowers
China based grower of peony trees and paeonia rockii.

La Pivoinerie D'Aoust Peonies
Features field grown herbaceous peonies, including a variety of classic and older cultivars.

Nature's Promise Peonies
Chinese tree peonies, herbaceous peonies, and Chinese herbaceous peonies. Offers a free newsletter.

Peony Garden
Selling trees and herbaceous peonies from the US, Europe, Japan, and China.

Peony Garden
Iowa nursery featuring peonies and antique cultivars.

Peony Land
Offers a selection of Chinese tree peonies.

Peony Meadows
Offers varieties of herbaceous and tree peonies.
Lithuanian breeders and growers of herbaceous and tree peonies. Sells hybrid peonies, including their own crosses, worldwide.

Roger's Fernleaf Peony Farm
Information on the history, growing, and purchase of Fernleaf Peonies.

Simmons Paeonies
Specialist root producers of more than 300 varieties of intersectional and herbaceous peony hybrids, both for the garden market and for commercial growers.

The Garden Window
Offers tree peonies imported directly from China.

Growers of Perennials

4 Epoches
Greece-based grower and exporter of olive trees, palms, cedar and cypress. Includes map of nursery locations and details specialties.

Albo Vanhulle
Belgian export nursery specializing in cut greens or ornamental foliage such as quercus rubra, quercus palustris among others. Also delivers ornamental and forestry plants internationally.

Aldershot Greenhouses Limited
Wholesale producer of roses in North America.

Alpine Nursery
Suppliers of bareroot field grown nursery stock featuring pines, spruces, firs and hardwoods.

Alvin Tree Farm
Wholesale nursery grower of specimen trees, shrubs and ground covers.

Anthony Tesselaar International
Producer of a wide range of home garden plants with locations of dealers worldwide, descriptions and photos of plant varieties and information about the company.

Bailey Nurseries, Inc
Wholesaler of live plants. Weekly updates and a plant database.

Beechill Growers
Grower and exporter of narcissi flowers and bulbs to the American, UK and European markets.

Belleville Greenhouses & Nursery
Wholesale nursery supplying ground covers, trees, and shrubs.

Blooms of Bressingham
Growers of herbaceous perennials and alpines. Detailed plant listing and links to distributors.

Bluebird Nursery
Suppliers of perennials, herbs, grasses and wildflowers to garden centers, landscapers, parks and zoos.

Bonnie Plant Farm
Alabama grower and wholesale distributor of flowers and vegetable plants.

Booshoot Gardens
Nursery specialized in the propagation of clumping bamboos for the wholesale market. Distributer and contact details.

Bougainvillea Nursery Inc.
Offers bougainvillea and avocado plants, based in Florida.

Briggs Nursery
Nursery in Washington specializing in tissue culture production of rhododendron, azalea, kalmia, lilac and perennials.

Cherokee Cuttings
Propagators of annuals, perennials and specialty plants. Offering young plants to the wholesale nursery trade.

Clematis Container Nursery
Provider of clematis and other climbers.

Coachwood Nursery
Nursery that specialises in growing and marketing new releases of outdoor trees and shrubs.

Cornflower Farms
Nursery growers of container stock California native plants, perennials, grasses, ornamentals, and contract grown native restoration revegetation plants.

De Ruiter's New Roses International
Dutch introducer of new varieties of cut roses and pot roses.

Eastern Shore Boxwoods
Retail and wholesale nursery specializing in boxwood cultivars. Includes photographs, a price list, and growing tips.

Fields on Caton Farm Wholesale
Wholesale grower of landscape plants, daylilies, hosta, trees, and hardy shrubs. Serves garden centers, landscape professionals, and retailers throughout the United States.

FitzGerald Nurseries
Young plant nursery, specializing in hardy and semi hardy garden and patio plants for wholesale.

Florida Plant Growers
Supplier to the indoor foliage industry, located in Apopka, FL.

Fontenot's Wholesale Nursery
Grower of trees and shrubs. Specializes in crape myrtles, waxleaf ligustrum, upright yaupons and hollies. Washington, Louisiana.

Four B's Nursery,Inc.
Nursery located in Delray, FL.

Future Farms
Nursery and tissue culture lab services. Morocco.

Gestión and Desarrollo
Exporter of Heliconias from Colombia. Company profile and plant details.
Gould Farm Nurseries
Specialising in hardy and half hardy herbaceous perennials and grasses.
Granite State Nursery
Offers a comprehensive choice of evergreens, trees, shrubs and perennials. Northwood, New Hampshire.

GreenHouse Butterflies
Specializing in plants for the interior. Shown are plants, FAQ, ordering instructions and contacts. Savannah, Georgia.
Hazorea Aquatics
Israeli exporter of hardy and tropical water lilies and lotus. Also dealing in cold water and tropical ornamental fish.
Holkham Gardens Nursery
Provides general nursery and design services. Includes a plant list, garden designs, tips, news, and contacts.
J. C. Bakker Nurseries
Growers of shade trees, evergreens, flowering shrubs, rose bushes, and ornamental plants.
James Nursery Company
Supplies bare root, container, and B&B nursery stock.

Jeffries Nurseries Ltd.
Supplier of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials to western Canada and the northern United States. Features company facts, publications, photos, plants, and contact details.
Jericho Farms
Provider of a variety of landscape plants.
Kawahara Nursery, Inc.
Bedding plant grower in California.
Larkman Nurseries
Propagation nursery with a mail order division, growing australian plants, perennials, lavender, trees, shrubs, grasses in tubestock and liners.
Luoyang Peony
Offers a number of varieties of tree paeony, from China.

Magnolia Gardens Nursery
Wholesale nursery located in Texas, specializing in perennials, trees, and shrubs.
Manakau Village Nurseries
Wholesale propagation nursery in Horowhenua, New Zealand, with wide range of tree, shrub and perennials.
Master Nursery and Landscape Supply
Supplier of irrigation, trees, shrubs, erosion control, and allied products to the trade. Located in Covington, Georgia.
Minnesota Valley Wholesale
Wholesale nursery with trees, shrubs and perennials, serving garden centers and landscape contractors throughout the Midwest.
Native Texas Nursery
Grows native and xeriscape plants, including perennials, shrubs, trees, and vines. Wholesale only. Includes product information and availability, prices, and contact information.

New Nursery, Inc.
Grower and shipper of wholesale foliage plants located in Apopka, Florida.
New Zealand Palm Co. Limited
Wholesale supply of New Zealand plants, supplies of native NZ palms and flora.
Oisinn Ltd.
Nursery specializing in groundcovers, perennials, and ornamental grasses primarily for the commercial landscape trade.
Plant Horizons
Breeders of clivia miniata hybrids in all stages of growth to the wholesale market. Plant and contact details.
Prides Corner Farms
Supplying woody shrubs, trees, and perennials to retail nurseries, rewholesalers, and landscapers, located in Connecticut.

Quinton Nursery, LLC
Wholesale grower of liriopes, perennials, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers.
R.F. DeMarco Nursery, Inc.
Large propagators azaleas, rhododendrons, holly and pieris sold wholesale to the trade only, on the East Coast.
Rainbow Tropicals
California wholesale provider of palms, cycads and other fine tropicals. Plant and distributer details.
RC Plants Nursery
A small wholesale nursery located in Homestead FL.
Reimer Waterscapes Nursery
Growers of Premium Aquatic Plants since 1980. Wholesale/Retail Distributor. Several Display Ponds on site.

Riverbend Nurseries
Wholesale center specializing in gardening and nursery supplies and landscaping material with large inventory of nursery stock and plant material.
Robrick Nursery, Inc.
Produces over 100 varieties of plants for wholesale and retail growers.
Rolling Acres Nursery
Wholesale price sheet and contact information.
Russells Bromeliads
Grower and distributor specializing in Tillandsias.
San Felasco Nurseries Inc
Wholesale supplier of plants to growers and institutions in the southeastern part of the United States. Offers links to retailers, landscapers, and provides a growing zone chart.

Santa Rosa Tropicals
California seller of ferns for home and porch.
Sequim Valley Ranch
Wholesale lavender grower selling perennials, herbs, landscaping plants and hedges in Washington.
Sequoyah Ridge Nursery
Northern California wholesale nursery offering boxed bamboos to nurseries, landscape contractors, architects, and zoos.
Wholesale nursery in SW Indiana.
Skinner Nurseries
Supplier of green goods for landscape construction and architects in the South.

Sleepy Hollow Nursery
Tennessee seller of native and exotic trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.
Star Roses
Producer and wholesaler of a wide variety of rose plants. Offers an extensive PDF catalogue.
Stuppy Companies
Greenhouse manufacturer, Sun-Brite Tunnel, Floral Products Company, and Stuppy's Mid-America School of Floral Design. Since 1873. Wholesale only. Five locations in Midwestern U. S.
Sunny Border-Ohio Nurseries
Wholesale nursery specializing in perennials, alpines, ferns, grasses and herbs.
Swafford Nursery, Inc.
Wholesale grower of conifers, trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, and grasses. Includes pricing, photos, news, and driving directions.

Swan Hill Olive
Wholesale Growers of the patented fruitless olive tree Swan Hill Olive.
Tennessee Wholesale Nursery
Wholesale nursery grower providing ferns, trees, shrubs, fruit trees, shade trees and flowering trees.
Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.
Oregon breeder and wholesaler of select perennials.
Terrace Gardens
Ohio wholesale nursery specializing in hardy perennials. Extensive plant details and contact links.
Thai Orchid Source
Wholesale grower of orchids including cattleya, vanda, dendrobium and oncidium. Based in Thailand.

Tillandsia International
Large wholesale Tillandsia nursery located in California.
Tom Dodd Nurseries
Wholesale growers with plant varieties from azaleas, camellias, ferns, hollies and grasses to a wide variety of other hardy ornamental, native and carnivorous plants.
Tree of Life Nursery
California native plants nursery for landscaping and ecological restoration at the wholesale level.
Wholesaler of palms and cycads, seeds and seedlings in Australia.
Verwer-Dahlias BV
Wholesale developer and supplier of dahlias in the Netherlands. Site features business information and photos of featured varieties.

Virginia Berry Farm
Wholesale nursery specializing in container fruit plants. We ship to retail nurseries along the east coast, east of Mississippi.
Vista Farms Nursery
Grower offering bougainvillea, hibiscus, and ixora liners to wholesale nurseries.
Walters Gardens, Inc.
Wholesale grower specializing in field grown and potted greenhouse perennials.
Weeks Roses
A wholesale grower of bareroot roses, offering a selection of popular, unusual and AARS-winning roses to nurseries and garden centers throughout the U.S.
White Tank Palms
Growers of field and box palm trees featuring tornado palms, mexican fans, California Palms.

Willow Springs Tree Farms
Wholesale nursery in Southwest Virginia specializing in evergreen and shade trees, pines, spruce, fir, maples and Christmas trees.
Wind Poppy Farm & Nursery
Wholesale nursery specializing in ornamental grasses and unusual perennials.
Windmill Farms Nurseries, Inc.
Wholesale plant nursery in Florida growing landscape, flowering, perennial, and holiday plants for garden center or landscape contract.
Woodland Nurseries
Containerized wholesale tree nursery near Jacksonville, Florida. Includes plants available, credit application, and contact information.
Worthington Farms, Inc.
Production of quality container and field-grown nursery stock for garden centers, landscape professionals, retailers and wholesalers.
Zelenka Nursery
Wholesale growers of perennial and woody ornamental plants. Headquarters in Grand Haven, MI with distribution facilities in Smithville, TN and Sims, NC.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Garden Flowers: Choosing Plants, Handy Hints, Descriptions, Cultivation Requirements by Kate Bryant (Editor) Cutting Gardens : The Complete Guide to Growing Flowers and Creating Spectacular Arrangements From by Anne Halpin, Derek Fell The Edible Flower Garden (Edible Garden Series) by Rosalind Creasy (Paperback) The Best Flowers for Midwest Gardens: The Plants You Need to Create Spectacular Low-Maintenance Gardens That Bloom With the Seasons-Year After Year by Laara K. Duggan

Allexperts : Gardening
Veteran gardeners answer one-on-one questions about a range of gardening problems.
Dave's Gardening Page
Pictures, information and plant quizzes all from a garden in Suffolk, England.
Debby's Garden Links
Hints and tips, listings of plants for specific locations, and guides to garden centers.
Emily Compost
Resources, links, and tips.
Erin's Garden Tips
Advice and gardening secrets.

Family Haven: Gardening Section
Collection of articles on gardening topics with an emphasis on environment and enjoyment.
Flower Gardening For the Passionate You
This site emphasizes the creative aspect of private gardens, helping one to connect to their passionate side, bringing about a sense of peace and wellbeing.
Flying Flowers
Tips on how to attract butterflies to gardens.
Forcing Branches Indoors
Advice for bringing branches of flowering deciduous shrubs and trees indoors, and forcing them to bloom or leaf out early.
Garden Mosaic
Gardening and pondkeeping information with emphasis placed on creating a backyard habitat for wildlife.

Gardeners Corner
Information, helps topic, Q&As, and web links for all gardeners.
Gardening by the Moon
Information on planting by the best phase and sign of the moon. Regional planting calendar lists specific vegetables, flowers, and garden chores.
Gardening Information and Tips
Articles, columns, FAQs, plant lists for perennials, herbs and water plants.
Gardens Ablaze
A comprehensive look at all aspects of home gardening, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, water gardens, garden decor, and everything in-between.
Green Patio
Guide for the care and maintenance of indoor plants, garden, lawn, shrubs, hedges, and ground covers.

Land Steward
Topical articles and an archive of newspaper columns, on various gardening topics. Also a collection of annotated links.
Las Pilitas: Garden Design
Native plant nursery in California presents a collection of articles and tips on gardening with natives, with an emphasis on the Western US.
Magic Snail Gardening
A garden diary featuring photos and explanations of a beginner's gardening efforts involving roses, perennials and composting.
My Watergarden
Guide for beginning fountaineers.
Ol' Buffalo Tiller Maintenance
Step-by-step routine maintenance for rotary tillers. Most tips also applicable to lawn mowers, etc.

Once Upon A Garden
Monthly garden calendar with helpful hints on planting.

The Families of Flowering Plants
Offers descriptions, illustrations, and identification retrieval.

The Garden Link
Resources for gardeners including articles, hardiness zone map, frost table, clip art and links to related gardening sites.

The Garden Path
Pages on companion planting, attracting butterflies, starting seeds indoors, gardening tips and tricks.

The Gardens
Includes articles, tips, plant pathology, garden quizzes, and the opportunity to ask questions of staff botanical researchers via e-mail.

The Man's Garden
Learn how to create and maintain the ultimate garden.

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