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Moose - Elk - Deer

University of Alberta compendium on the ecology, management, and economic utilization of hoofed mammals.

Family Cervidae
A description of the deer family.

British and European Ungulates
Descriptions of the deer, wild goats, and sheep of Britain and Europe by Mark Walker.

British Deer
About the biology, ecology, and history of the six species of deer found wild in the UK (roe, red, fallow, sika, muntjac, and Chinese water deer).

World Deer
Provides photos and species accounts. Includes overview of biology of species in this family.

Muntjak (Muntiacus muntjak)
Photo and facts on behavior and identifying characteristics of this species.

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Ultimate Ungulate Page: Artiodactyla
Taxonomy of the order of even-toed ungulates, with biological descriptions of selected representative species.

British and European Ungulates
Describes European and British ungulate species

Artiodactyls and other ruminants
Brief information page about the biology of camels, cattle, and their relatives.

sausage The Encyclopedia of Deer: Your Guide to the World's Deer Species Including 
Whitetails, Mule Deer, Caribou, Elk, Moose, and More by Leonard Lee Rue (Photographer)


North American Elk Breeders Association
Information and resources on raising, managing and marketing elk (wapiti) and elk products.

North American Deer Farmers Association
Includes products, membership information, and the how to about deer farming.

The Pennsylvania Elk Herd
Detailed information about the Pennsylvania Elk Herd and North American Elk in general.

White-Tailed Deer Farmers' Network
Comprehensive information on farming white-tailed and mule deer in North America.

Ontario Elk Breeders Association
Promotes the elk industry as a profitable agricultural alternative in Ontario. News, classifieds, library of articles, recipes, photo gallery and members directory.

Minnesota Elk Breeders Association
MNEBA features elk and wapiti farming, schedule of events, guide to velvet, sales listings, classifieds, and dictory of members' sites.

Alberta White-tail and Mule Deer Association
Information, resources, news and links about starting up and operating a white-tail and mule deer farm or ranch.

Alberta Elk Association
Provides information, resources, news and links about raising elk on farms and ranches and marketing breeding animals and velvet antler.

Deer Tracking Magazine
Practical deer farming newsletter for all aspects relevant to the whitetail and mule deer industry. Based out of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Mule Deer
Information on the mule deer, includes description, photos, habitat, behavior, reproduction, diet, interesting facts, hunting links and general links.

grey wolves

Classified advertising for the serious buyer or seller of exotic animals. Specializes in deer and related species.

Ontario Deer and Elk Farmers Association - ODEFA
Site includes information about deer and elk farming. Also has several related links.

Whitetail Deer
Information on the Whitetail Deer with breeder listings, association listings and pictures.

Axis Deer
Information on this deer, including description, habitat, rescue listings, game hunting listings, general links and photos.

Sitka Black Tail Deer
Information on the sitka, includes general info, hunting and conservational info, photo gallery.

Red Deer
Information on Red Deer, including physical description, reproduction, farming, diseases and nutrition. Farm listings and associations.

Information on the Elk with breeder listings, associations and pictures.

Pennsylvania Elk Breeders Association
Includes a club newsletter, farming information, and membership information.


Information, photos, and links.
Moose, European Elk (Alces alces)
Description, biology, map of range in North America and Eurasia, and links.
Site is about seeing moose in the wild, collecting moose items, and learning about moose.
Save the Mooses
Information on biology and conservation of Siberian moose.
The Science Behind Algonquin's Animals (SBAA)
Moose survey research in Algonquin Provincial Park. Lists physical characteristics, food sources, predators, sounds and habitats.
Ultimate Moose
Fun facts about Alces alces.

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Giants of Northern Forest

uses Moose-cellania: A Collection of All Things Moose by Bill, Jr. Silliker, Walter S., Jr. Griggs


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