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Biodiversity: the UN Convention (1)

Biodiversity Information Network - BIN21
The Biodiversity Information Network is an international collaborative network of agencies involved in the management and presentation of biodiversity information. BIN21 was set up as an informal, collaborative and distributed network consisting of a series of participating nodes.

Biodiversity Policy Coordination Division, IUCN
Facilitates regional forums on program development to promote biodiversity around the world. Website provides access to papers and articles, information on BPCD activities and information on the Global Biodiversity Forum (GBF).

Biodiversity Project
Outreach program to help explain the importance of biodiversity to individuals and media support to interested people. Includes history and resource links.

Biowatch South Africa
NGO publicising, monitoring and researching issues of biological diversity, genetic engineering and sustainable livelihoods.

Cambridge Conservation Forum
Develops links and synergies across the community of conservation practitioners and researchers based around Cambridge, UK. Newsletter and events.

Des Plaines River Valley Restoration Project
Volunteer organization in western Cook County, Illinois, dedicated to removing invasive and non-native plants. Features contacts, FAQ, images, map and links.

Discover Life
Information about the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory of the Great Smoky Mountains (USA). Includes checklists, educational material and a framework for public participation.

Program dedicated to preserving fisheries and coastal environments in the Dominican Republic. Features articles, news, contacts and information on current research and education.

Harrison Institute
Centre for biodiversity research and eco-tours - working in Asia and Arabia.

Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Information Network
A mechanism to exchange information about experiences and projects and to increase collaboration among indigenous groups working on common causes related to biodiversity use and conservation.

International Zoo Educators Association
IZE is a professional association dedicated to expanding the educational impact of zoos and aquariums worldwide, to enhance the understanding of conservation issues and to share information on effective informal education methods.

Provides conservation information for use by environmental planners and land managers.

One World Wildlife
UK conservation charity supporting ecological research, sustainable development initiatives and environmental education projects -- details of projects and news.

Species 2000
Has the objective of enumerating all known species of plants, animals, fungi and microbes on Earth as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity. It will also provide a simple access point enabling users to link from here to other data systems for all groups of organisms, using direct species-links.

The Linnean Society
The world's oldest extant biological society which remains a leading modern forum for debate and discussion of natural history in all its branches. The Society uniquely embraces the entire sweep of biology, and particularly areas concerning the diversity and interrelationships of organisms.

Tropical Conservancy
Canadian-based organization working to conserve world biodiversity and environment.

UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Provides information for policy and action to conserve the living world. Activities include assessment and early warning studies in forest, dryland, freshwater and marine ecosystems, plus research on endangered species and biodiversity indicators. Uses geographic information systems and other analytical technologies to visualise trends, patterns and emerging priorities for conservation action.

Conservation (23)

A Rocha
Conservation organization with Christian religious orientation.

Alliance for Zero Extinction
Initiative led by a group of biodiversity conservation organizations to identify and protect the last remaining habitats for the world's most endangered species.

Asianwildlife Consultancy
Aims to improve zoological and wildlife management standards across the globe. Includes conservation program information, details of wildlife park development and other services offered, news, articles, pictures and a video gallery.

Center for Ecosystem Survival
USA Non-profit organization raising funds for international conservation projects.

Earth Preservation Fund
Supports international community-based projects focused on environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and public health through a partnership with ecotourism.

Earthwave Society
Provides information and education on biodiversity, conservation practices, and utilization of natural resources.

EIA - The Environmental Investigation Agency
An independent, international campaigning organisation committed to investigating and exposing environmental crime.

Endangered Creatures Habitats and Organisms (ECHO) Fund
Provides information, news, and resources for the preservation of wildlife. Includes articles about threatened species and habitats, a newsletter, and opportunities to volunteer.

Environmental Commons
Aims to provide information, analysis, and educational materials for the public, and to support democratic involvement in the preservation and recovery of biological resources. Includes sections on biodiversity, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and donations.

Global Conservation
A donation platform for conservation projects. Includes news, features, educational material, forum and links to related sites.

Environmental expeditions and marine surveys details for volunteers.

Panthera Foundation
Aims to support individuals and organizations in protecting wilderness areas and species, and to educate local and global communities using moving and still imagery. Includes directors' profiles, fundraising news, an opportunity to donate, and a picture gallery.

The Aldo Leopold Foundation
A USA based organization promoting an ethical relationship between people and land.

The Nature Conservancy
USA organization working to protect endangered species and ecosystems through land acquisition and research.

WildCRU Wildlife Conservation Research Unit
Oxford University group develops practical solutions to conservation problems through research, implementation, education and local public involvement. Includes support and donation details.

WildLife Care International (WLCI)
Works to protecting and conserve non-domesticated animals in captivity and in the wild. Details of goals, projects, news.

World Sturgeon Conservation Society (WSCS)
Aims to act as an international forum for scientific discussion about the protection of the species and habitat. Includes news, details of conferences and publications, discussion board, global data bank, and links to related sites.

Direct Action (5)

Anti-Logging Protest Ends In 4 Arrests
Environmentalists swing 8 hours outside San Francisco hotel. San Francisco Chronicle.

Direct Action
Reports, rants and stories from urban75 - one of the most popular e-zines in the world. Current actions and news.

Direct Action Directory
San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory.

Earth Liberation Front
Up to date uncensored news on the Earth Liberation Front and animal rights movement from around the world.

Earth Liberation Front
Provides profile, news and chronology of events.

Earth Liberation Front (ELF)
Communique from the Earth Liberation Front.

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
Provides information on people imprisoned for actions in defence of the earth and its inhabitants.

Hole in Headwaters Injunction
Court grants injunction in Headwaters timber logging case in California. New Eagle.

Jamming the Gears: Eco-Heroes or Eco-Terrorists?
Actions include animal liberation raids, which disrupt scientific research and cause damage to factory farms; business and academic sabotage, sometimes including bomb detonations; and "monkey-wrenching," aimed at stopping logging and construction projects by ruining tools and vehicles. Article from E/The Environmental Magazine.

Peace in the Forest
Direct action environmental directory for people who are interested in saving wildlife and preserving natural resources.

San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center Forest Defense News
Provides up-to-the-minute forest defense newswire for Northern California, including articles, photos, audio, and video.

Tension High After Pepper Spray Used on Protesters
The fallout over the use of pepper spray on anti-logging protesters in Northern California. CNN.

The Earth Liberation Farce
A discussion forum on ELF activism.

Earth First (19)

Dead Trees EF! Online Publishing
Reprints and new writing intended to inspire and motivate environmental activists.

Earth First! Contacts
Directory of Earth First! US and international.

Earth First! Media Center
Information written by Earth First!ers about their movement and their activities.

Earth First! The Radical Environmental Journal
Magazine of Earth First! News about the radical environmental movement. Back issues available online.

Earth First! Worldwide
News and links for Earth First.

A mailing list for Earth First! activists.

Judi Bari
Site dedicated to the memory and legacy of Judi Bari, renowned activist, writer, and member of Earth First. Judi Bari organized nonviolent direct action against the logging of California's redwood forests.

Jym Dyer's Earth First! Page
Articles by Judi Bari, book reviews, and other resources.

Friends of the Earth (25)

Amics de la Terra Eivissa
Environmental activities in the island of Ibiza. Member of Friends of the Earth Spain. Campaigns on water resources, renewable energies, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and endangered local species. Catala, Espanol, English and Deutsch.

David Brower
Web site of founder and chairman of Earth Island Institute and president of Earth Island Action Group. Tribute and memorial of his life.

Friends of the Earth Australia
FOE Melbourne community-based activist organization which works towards an ecologically sustainable and socially equitable society. Provide information, news and publications on environmental issues.

Friends of the Earth Canada
Environmental organizations that campaign on the most urgent environmental and social issues of the day. Provide information on the activities of FOE.

Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Information on genetic modification (GM), corporate accountability, world trade, biodiversity, waste, chemicals, transport and climate change campaigns.

Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE)
Provide information on the campaigns and projects of its member groups, which deal with a large variety of subjects such as traffic, waste, recycling, EU-enlargement, sustainable tourism, EU structural funds, international financial institutions, trade, climate change and biotechnology.

Friends of The Earth Indonesia
WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia) or Indonesian Forum for Environment is a forum of NGO's concerned with problems of the environment. Site in Indonesian and English.

Friends of the Earth International
A federation of autonomous environmental organizations. Campaign on the most urgent environmental and social issues of the day. Online magazine.

Friends of the Earth Middle East
Representing leading Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian environmental non-governmental organizations. Primary objective is to promote of cooperative efforts to protect our shared environmental heritage. Site topics include transboundary environmental concerns.

Friends of the Earth Netherlands - Milieudefensie
Information about campaigns on transport, climate change, international trade and food issues. In Dutch and English.

Friends of the Earth Press Releases
Regular news updates on a wide range of environmental issues - including gm food, climate change, wildlife, transport, anti-globalization. Available online, by email and RSS feed.

Friends of the Earth Scotland
Covers campaigns on environmental justice, Harris superquarry and genetic modification (GM) of food. Green office guide.

Friends of the Earth South Africa - Groundwork
Carries out projects in air quality monitoring, health care waste reduction and public education.

Friends of the Earth US
FOE is a national environmental organization dedicated to preserving the health and diversity of the planet for future generations. Provide information on campaigns and issues.

Grant-Making Foundations (27)

Alaska Conservation Foundation
Receives and awards grants throughout the state to protect ecosystems and promote sustainable livelihoods. Describes grant programs and training and internship opportunities.

Anza-Borrego Foundation
A non-profit organization supporting California State Parks by acquiring land for the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park through donation or by purchase from willing sellers.

Beldon Fund
Funds US advocacy organizations working in human health and the environment, or in "key states". Provides grant guidelines and application, with annual reports and lists of recent grantees.

Conservation Technology Support Program (CTSP)
Grants fund Conservation Groups to expand their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capacity

Ecology Foundation
Furthers the development of commercializable energy efficient products. Lists currently funded projects, and explains how to donate.

Energy Foundation
Mission is to assist in the nation's transition to a sustainable energy future by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy

Environmental Grantmakers Association
Voluntary association of foundations and giving programs concerned with the protection of the natural environment. Information about programs, publications and membership.

George Gund Foundation
Environmental grants focused locally in the Cleveland area, and regionally in Ohio and the Great Lakes Basisn

Great Lakes Protection Fund
Supports collaborative actions to improve the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem

Heinz Endowments

Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation
Environmental grantmaking areas includes Toxics, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Communities, and Metropolitan New York City

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

New England Forestry Foundation

Norman Foundation
Makes grants to strengthen communities, prevent the use of toxics, and link environmental justice with economic justice

Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment
California. Nurtures positive interactions between communities, the environment and the economy through grantmaking, research and advocacy. Gives grant guidelines and information on donor-directed funds and fiscal sponsor services.

Temper of the Times Foundation
US. Promotes use of standard marketing concepts to increase environmental awareness. Gives application guidelines and procedures, with information on previous grantees.

Texas Environmental Grantmakers Group
A federation of community, family, and corporate foundations, as well as a few individual donors, who explore environmental support in the state. Lists participants, related resources, and upcoming events.

The Barbara Delano Foundation
Supports wildlife conservation for bears, elephants, exotic birds, great apes, large cats, marine mammals, marine turtles, rhinos, and sharks. Provides grant guidelines, past awards given, contact information, financial information, and geographic criteria.

The Helios Environmental Resource Network
Provides small grants (500-1000)to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations working to promote the ecological and economic sustainability of the Pacific Northwest, with special attention given to projects and organizations in Western Oregon.

The JoMiJo Foundation
Provides financial support for grassroots efforts aimed at social change and environmental preservation. We seek to work with non-profit organizations and individuals who respond to the most pressing needs of people and land in danger.

The Lazar Foundation
Funding innovative and strategic projects that protect the environment in the Pacific Northwest. Includes grant guidelines, application and reporting forms, and current grantees.

The Reef Ball Foundation
Non-profit organization dedicated to making new aquatic habitats by helping folks build Reef Ball artificial reefs and teaching about the value of natural reefs.

The Summit Fund of Washington
A foundation focused on preventing teen pregnancy in Washington, DC and restoring and preserving the Anacostia River.

Town Creek Foundation
Seeks a healthy environment, an informed society, and a peaceful world. The Foundation is committed to achieving its mission through public education, citizen action, and advocacy.

Whitley Laing Foundation
Offers a wide range of awards for nature conservation projects world wide and promoting the benefits for wildlife and habitat conservation to where applicants work. Provides application guidelines, previous winners, and news about organization.

Whole Systems Foundation
Provides grants for environmental education and sustainabiity efforts. Site includes an integrated overview of environmental sustainability concerns.

Wray and Todd Interests
Provides application guidelines and list of grantees for Magnolia Charitable Trust, focusing on protecting Texas habitat and wildlife. Also provides historical information on Wray Charitable Trust funding on Texas and Mexico environmental issues.

Green Cross (4)

Green Parties (29)

African Greens
Links to African green parties.

Bulgarian Green Party
Information about the Bulgarian Green Party including policies and contact details

Die Grunen
The Green Party for Germany. Contains an English language version of the site.

European Green Party links
Lists the sites of several countries' parties.

European Greens
Information, latest news, links and election results for Green parties through out Europe.

Green balkan net
A network between the green parties and groups across the Balkan region. Including news, agenda, documents and links.

Green League of Finland
A selection of information in English include a history of the party, contact details and policies.

Green Parties Worldwide
A list of Green Parties and associated groups from across the world, divided by continent.

Green Party Black Caucus
The website of the Green Party (USA) National Black Caucus.

Green Party of Iran
Working for democracy and human rights in Iran.

Green Party of South Africa
Formerly known as the People's Green Party of South Africa. Describes beliefs and goals, and provides an online membership form.

Green Party of Ukraine
Up-to-date information about the party including latest news, their charter, policies and photos. Includes a guestbook, polls and feedback area.

Green Philippines
Alliance's principles, policies, and platforms available, as well as environmental news and legislation.

Green Power
Green Party based in Hong Kong. Includes articles and studies, details of activities and a green school.

Greens of the Republic of Poland (Zieloni RP)
Policy aims and contact information.

Greens of Turkey
Some information in English about this Turkish Green Party including meeting dates and contact information.

Irish Green Party/Comhaontas Glas
News, policy information and details of elected representatives and candidates.

Latvian Green Party
Information about the Butinge Oil Terminal campaign.

Reform Party of Gibraltar
Green Party campaigning in Gibraltar. Website includes news, policies and links.

The Citizens Party of Hong Kong
A party advocating green politics in Hong Kong, including biographies of key members, policies and contact information.

The Green Democrats of Hungary
Some information about the party and its policies in English.

The Green Party of England and Wales
Detailed, up-to-date website, including in depth news and articles about national and international green issues, past election results and current campaigns.

Greenpeace (11) Solving Worldwide Environmental Issues

Banners and Us - the Greenpeace weblog
An open channel with Greenpeace folks

Essex Greenpeace Active Supporter Network
Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation, working to halt environmental abuse and promote environmental solutions. In Essex we are based in Chelmsford, Colchester, Harwich, Romford and Southend. For more info, please check out the Beehive site, or go to

Greenpeace Australia
Provides information, news and resources on campaigns for sustainable living and the protection of nature. Includes the Get Active campaign for help in setting up and managing social and environmental issues.

Greenpeace Canada
Provides information, news and resources on campaigns that uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems. Features research solutions and alternatives that are essential to a green and peaceful future. Site in English and French.

Greenpeace China
Provides information, news and resources on campaigns of environmental issues in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Site in English and Chinese.

Greenpeace International
Information and resources on Greenpeace world wide. Links to global web sites. Current campaigns on climate, toxics, nuclear, oceans, genetic engineering, ocean dumping and forests.

Greenpeace Mediterranean
Provides information, news and resources on campaigns of environmental issues of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin including Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel.

Greenpeace New Zealand
Information, resources and campaigns of Greenpeace New Zealand.

Greenpeace Research Laboratories, Exeter University
Part of the Science Unit of Greenpeace international. Provide scientific advice and analytical support to Greenpeace offices worldwide. Publications, reports and articles.

Greenpeace UK
Information, resources and campaigns of Greenpeace UK.

Greenpeace USA
The leading organization that uses peaceful and creative activism to protect the global environment. Provides environmental information, photo and video galleries, press releases and online action items.

Land Trusts (348)
National Audubon Society (379)
Native Plant Societies (48)

Alberta Native Plant Council
Organization dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the native plants of Alberta.

Arizona Native Plant Society
Organization with "chapters" in different communities of Arizona. Contains information about what the group does, what they hope to achieve and a helpful but concise "Plant Salvage" section.

Arkansas Native Plant Society
Promotes the preservation, conservation, and study of the wild plants of Arkansas.

Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Information about the SGAP and its activities, FAQ about Australian plants, Photo Gallery, places to see Australian plants, simple plant propagation methods and descriptions of a wide range of plant species.

Australian Carnivorous Plant Society, Inc.
Information from the ACPS on Australian carnivorous plants. Also society bulletins, meetings, written articles, pictures, bookshop, seed bank and other CP links.

Australian Plants Society - New South Wales Region
Information about Australian native plants and growing them.

Australian Plants Society Sutherland Group
The Australian Plants Society aims to foster and promote appreciation, study and participation in growing and propagating Australian native plants and to support and promote the preservation and conservation of Australian native plants. The Sutherland Group is one district group of the society.

California Native Plant Society
A statewide non-profit organization of amateurs and professionals with an interest in California's native plants.

Cartersville Garden Club - Wildflowers
Georgia based club provides event calendar, service projects, gardening tips, gardening for butterflies and hummingbirds, wildflower gardening, and composting information.

Connecticut Botanical Society
Group for anyone interested in Connecticut's plants - detailed information about what the society does, pricing and contact details; wildflower photo galleries; gardening with native plants.

Delaware Native Plant Society
Information about the society, events, projects, publications, native and exotic plants.

Florida Native Plant Society
Promotes the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

Georgia Native Plant Society
Promotes the conservation of native plants and habitats of Georgia, USA. Information about the society, native plants, events and resources.

Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance
Dedicated to the study and preservation of Georgia's flora through research, education, and advocacy.

Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico
Offers photo gallery and online newsletter.

Idaho Native Plant Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting interest in native plants and plant communities of the state. Includes list of plants of conservation concern in Idaho.

Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society
Promoting the appreciation, conservation, beauty, diversity and environmental importance of indigenous vegetation.

Iowa Prairie Network
An organization that sponsors events in the Iowa area - offers information about the events, contact details and links to related sites.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Dedicated to educating people about the environmental necessity, economic value, and natural beauty of native plants.

Maryland Native Plant Society
Dedicated to protecting, conserving, and restoring Maryland's native plants and habitats. Includes meetings, field trips, restoration projects, and a list of native plant suppliers.

Michigan Botanical Club
Consists of five chapters and is the native plant society for the State of Michigan.

Minnesota Native Plant Society
Brief information about what the society does, where they are, and how to join.

Missouri Native Plant Society
Very brief information with little detail - mainly for existing members with concise instructions for those who wish to join.

Native Orchid Conservation Inc.
NOCI is a non-profit group dedicated to habitat-protection, study and appreciation of native plants and their ecosystems.

Native Plant Project of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Promotes the conservation of local native plants, habitats, plant communities, wildlife, and environment. Includes meeting announcements, handbook, articles, and membership information.

Native Plant Society of British Columbia
Encourages knowledge, appreciation, responsible use, and conservation of the province's native plants and habitats.

Native Plant Society of New Jersey
Encouranging an appreciation of native flora and preserving it for future generations to enjoy.

Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio
A chapter of The Ohio Native Plant Society.

Native Plant Society of Oregon
Details membership, bulletins, their own email discussion list and the officers of each chapter in the Society.

Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan
NPSS promotes understanding and conservation of native plants.

Native Plant Society of Texas
Promotes the conservation, research, and utilization of the native plants and plant habitats of Texas.

Native Plant Society of Texas - Post Oak Chapter
Information about a specific chapter of the NPS Texas - for people in the Brenham area.

New England Wild Flower Society
The NEWFS is the oldest plant conservation organization in the United States. Promoting conservation of temperate North American plants through education, horticulture, research, habitat preservation, and conservation advocacy.

North American Native Plant Society
Dedicated to the study, conservation, cultivation and restoration of native plants. Join us in our celebration of the unique botanical heritage of North America.

Pennsylvania Native Plant Society
People interested in identifing and conserving native plants of Pennsylvania.

Plantlife: The Wild-Plant Conservation Charity
A membership organisation solely dedicated to saving wild plants and their habitats.

San Gabriel Mountains Chapter, California Native Plant Society
Newsletter, programs, and outings in the Pasadena area.

Shoals Wildflower Society
A chapter of the Alabama Wildflower Society. Includes events, programs, and photos.

South Carolina Native Plant Society
Non-profit organization committed to the preservation and protection of native plant communities in South Carolina.

Utah Native Plant Society
Dedicated to the appreciation, preservation and conservation of the native plants and plant communities found in the state.

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Virginia Native Plant Society
Purpose is to further appreciation and conservation of Virginia's native plants and habitats.

Washington Native Plant Society
The WNPS is an organization dedicated to the conservation of the native plants of Washington State.