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Squirrel Wars

Gourmet Salad Garden Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Starter Kit Culinary Herb GardenStevia, Sweet 

Leaf - 1 Pkt. (15 seeds)Basil, Sweet - 1 Pkt. (480 seeds)
Cardamom Seeds -2 Oz.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Parrotlet Super Bird Food 4lbPetunia Rose Wave - 1 Pkt (15 seeds)Parsley SeedsCatnip
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Flower Seeds PacketGourmet Herb GardencardamomSeeds, Pumpkin, Raw, No Salt, Hulled, China, 16 oz.McCormick/Schilling Poppy Seed,Catmint SeedsMiniature Roses Seeds Spearmint - 1 Pkt. (500 seeds)Grass Blue Eyed Seeds
Zojirushi CB-AA10 Sesame Seed Grinder 45 GramsOXO Grind-It 1056265 Organic Flax Seed GrinderHoney Seed Snak Bell Choice Flower Seeds, Art Poster by Barbara Mock Camden-Grey Essential Oils & Herbs

Chives Mustard Certified Organic Seeds From Botanical Interests: Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson 	Certified Organic Seeds From Botanical Interests: Snow Pea Oregon Sugar Pod

Certified Organic Seeds From Botanical Interests:
Broccoli Italian Sprouting Di Cicco

Agnus Castus to Yucca schidigera
Folk-lore of herbs and other plant products. Includes comprehensive list of herbs with their uses and hazards.

Allexperts Herbs
Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about the uses of herbs for free.'s Guide to Chinese and Other Herbs
Includes a encyclopedia of common and botanical names photos, history of uses, scientific reports, descriptions of conditions/symptoms for which the herb has clinically demonstrated effects and descriptions of its actions, as well as the safety of each.

Alternative Beauty
Herb resources and reference for herbal cosmetics, herbal remedies, recipes, herb magic, legend and lore.

Alternative Nature Enterprises
Extensive site with a good range of articles about alternative medicine, herbs, herbal remedies, a gallery of photographs and links to other herbal sites.

BC Herb Growers Association
Promote, facilitate and enhance herb growing, networking opportunities with fellow herb growers, and access to current market information, workshops and conferences.

Botanical Dermatology Database
An electronic re-incarnation of Botanical Dermatology by John Mitchell and Arthur Rook.
Educational web site with links to articles, reference materials, conversion tables, and a word search engine for _A Modern Herbal_ by Mrs. M. Grieve, pub. 1931. Online surveys and petitions.

Bouquet Garni Herbs and Herbalism
Informative site on herbs and herbalism in South Africa, covering both medicinal and culinary uses.

Cowhage (Poonaikalli)
Botanical name: Mucuna Pruriens. Mentioned in ancient East Indian medical texts as a powerful herb.

Culpeper's Herbal Online
Full text of Culpeper's Complete Herbal (1653 edition). Includes breakdown by individual herb, directions for making remedies and catalog of simples.

Directory of Herbs
A list of herbs and plants and their magical properties.

Dried Herbs Online
Information on herbal medicines with links, papers, herbals, community areas and original work.

Earth Bow
Information about alternative medicine featuring herbs and herbal healing, and other natural cures.

Eat To Heal
Searchable databases containg more than 500 whole foods and herbs that have scientifically-proven healing power against 30 degenerative health problems including aging, cancers, and heart diseases.

Guidelines to pain relief using alternative remedies for skin disorders including eczema, arthritis. Drug free therapy with herbs and emu oil.

Elchai's Herbal Remedies and Lore
Regularly updated with articles on herbs, health issues, recipes, and ceremonies.

Information about herbs with articles and online assessments. Forum for practitioners. Provides directory of licensed TCM herbalists (California only).

Ellagic acid cancer research
Summary of clinical studies and cancer research on ellagic acid

Essiac Information Site
All aspects of essiac information covered, including controversial issues, scams, marketer ethics, product prices and recipes.

Green Reading


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Evening Primrose
A guide to the natural health benefits of evening primrose oil.